I offer sessions to unblock your Chakras Centres with a Clear Quarts Pendulum while also rebalancing you with Hands On Reiki Healing.

What Blocks Chakras?

Many factors contribute to a blocked chakra, and you might be surprised to learn that they are quite similar to those linked to physical disease. 

For example, eating processed foods and not exercising may compromise the proper functioning of your energetic system. Likewise, holding on to painful emotions and old beliefs that keep you feeling stuck and unable to move forward can block your chakras and create stagnant energy. 

Here are some examples of energy-dense emotions and their corresponding chakras:

Root chakra: Fear, trauma, eating disorders

Sacral chakra: Emotional instability, addiction behaviours, fear of change

Solar plexus chakra: Bullying, lack of self-worth, mental, emotional, sexual, or physical abuse


Heart chakra: Stress, emotional pain, grief, unhealed emotional wounds, overthinking


Throat chakra: Low self-esteem, self-expression issues, fear of speaking your truth

Third eye chakra: A closed mind, blind obedience, not questioning your reality


Crown chakra: Overactive ego, deeply rooted negative beliefs, lack of meaningful relationships

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